Pricing & Add-ons
Pricing & Add-ons

Cloud service for PCs, laptops and file servers:

The light, safe, simple and complete solution

Panda Cloud Office Protection

The only cloud-based cross-platform security solution with support for

Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Anti-malware protection connected to Collective Intelligence in real

time. Unmatched defense against threats and exploits designed to take

advantage of unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities

Personal firewall (centrally or locally managed)

No upfront investment, no maintenance

Immediate startup

Resource friendly Quote

Central Web-based security management of your Windows, Mac OS X and Linux devices, even in remote offices

Compatible with:

Panda Cloud Office Protection - Compatible




Robust cross-platform protection

Panda Cloud Office Protection harnesses the power of our cloud-based Collective Intelligence system, providing real-time proactive protection and ensuring the highest levels of detection for known and unknown threats, as well as exploits that take advantage of unknown (zero-day) vulnerabilities, regardless of where they come from (email, messenger, Web, etc). It includes firewall protection (personal or managed) and behavior detection technologies, as well as being the only solution to offer cloud-based centralized control of Windows, Mac and Linux devices, optimized for VMWare virtual systems, Microsoft and Citrix.


Easy to use, easy to maintain

Panda Cloud Office Protection can be installed and administered at any time, from anywhere. Installation is simple, automatic and/or remote, and its automatic and scheduled updates run transparently to end users.


Maximizes security control

Profile-based security ensures maximum flexibility to protect your network according to your specific needs. In addition, centralized monitoring of the security status of all your PCs, servers and laptops ensures maximum control across the entire organization.

  Minimizes maintenance costs and resource consumption

As this is a subscription service, hosted by Panda Security, it requires no investment in infrastructure or specialized personnel. It is an incredibly light solution, using specific technologies to minimize resource consumption and bandwidth usage.
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Product Characteristics
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  • Proactive antimalware protection for PCs, laptops and file servers connected to Collective Intelligence in real time
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and virtual systems
  • Personal firewall (centrally or locally managed).
  • Technologies to detect malware that exploits unknown
    (zero-day) vulnerabilities
  • Centralized device control
  • Integrates with the most widely used remote control tools
  • Central Web-based integrated administration console for every Windows, Mac OS X and Linux endpoint on your network.
  • Accessible from anywhere, 24/7.
  • In-depth malware audits and information about the protection status on the network
  • Centralized Device Control

Flexible installation
automatic and/or remote
using the distributed installer

  • Remotely through emails with download URLs
  • Locally, by downloading the installer from the console
  • Using MSI installer for distributing the protection through login-scripts, Active Directory, Tivoli, SMS or Lan Desk
  • P2P automated and transparent updates
  • Central managed profile-based protection for all PCs, laptops and fileservers
  • Malware Freezer sends all malware elements to the quarantine for seven days so administrators can respond to false positive cases
  • Users with different policies or protection profiles (total control, administrator...)
  • Centralized management of the quarantine from the Web console
  • Detailed, summarized and executive reports with protection status and detection activity include device control information and graphs
  • Exportable reports to text files, PDF, XML, HTML, or Excel formats
  • Flexible alerts means you receive the notifications you want
    and when you want them

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